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Shawn O’Neil Golf Strength & Conditioning/ Fitness

Hi, just a little introduction for those who don’t know name’s Shawn O’Neil, I’m a member of Whitley Bay Golf Club and I specialise in fitness/strength and conditioning for golf.

A bit of background on me, I’m TPI Fitness level 3 and Power level 2 certified as well as a qualified personal trainer which makes me one of about 10 in the UK.

TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute and is the leading body globally for golf fitness and 35 of the top 40 in the world ranking have a TPI certified professional on their team.

For me it’s not just about speed and distance, the other and equally important side is injury prevention and playing golf pain free for longer…if you suffer from aches and pains during or after golf it’s highly likely this is being caused by physical limitations and thus too much stress on parts of your body not designed to deal with those stresses…and this can be easily identified by my screening process.

There is also the performance side which can be better mobility/stability to allow your body to achieve better positions to facilitate changes to your swing…this will make sense if you’ve ever been trying to change something and you feel like it’s really tough or you can’t quite get it, think back to physical limitations for this one!

And of course there is the distance aspect…strokes gained statistics estimates that gaining 20 yards of distance (all other things being equal) will equate to saving 4 shots per round…a statistic that I think speaks for itself! And to put those 20 yards into context that’s about an extra 7mph clubhead speed which is reasonably straight forward if currently under 100mph with driver.

I will post links below to my website and socials which will explain in more detail what I do and some examples of how I do it…there are also some testimonials on there, one name which may be familiar will be Rosie Belsham from when we worked together the years before she went off to Texas.

I’m offering a free consultation to all members so if you would to book one or just would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.¬†




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