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Code of Conduct

Whitley Bay Golf Club is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation and offensive behaviour for members, employees and guests.

Members, guests and visitors are all reminded that an acceptable standard of behaviour is expected in all areas of the Clubhouse, Course, Website and Social Media, at all times and that upon payment of membership or green fees, all members, guests and visitors have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties which may be imposed for any breach of the club’s standards or serious misconduct in failing to meet the standards set in this Code of Conduct.

On the Course:
All players must abide by Rule 1.2 in the Rules of Golf published by the R & A and USGA which includes 1.2a Conduct Expected of All Players and 1.2b Code of Conduct. For further information refer to the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf which may be borrowed from the bar staff for consultation only.

In the Clubhouse:

Members, guests and visitors are reminded that:

  • Any form of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or offensive behaviour is regarded as unacceptable behaviour.
  • WBGC promotes sensible drinking and as per the Licensing Act of 2003 consumption of excessive quantities of alcohol is not permitted by law. Please don’t be offended if employees refuse to serve persons they suspect are drunk or to serve persons attempting to purchase alcohol for persons they suspect are drunk. The management and employees also reserve the right to refuse to serve and admit persons into the premises.
  • The use of foul or abusive language such as swearing will not be tolerated. Any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language will be asked to either stop or leave the premises. When someone is noticed to be using bad language consistently after being warned then disciplinary action will be taken.
  • The misuse or abuse of the Club’s IT systems will be regarded as serious misconduct.
  • Smoking or use of e-cigarettes is not permitted within any of the Club’s buildings.
  • The taking of illegal substances will incur immediate suspension and loss of membership.
  • Mobile phones should be switched to silent and phone conversations should take place outside the lounge.

Whilst fully acknowledging that adult “banter” contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere among members, these rules are designed to safeguard others who find such banter offensive or intimidating.

Website and Social Media:

Any breaches of the following website and social media rules may result in an official warning from WBGC and if deemed necessary comments will be removed from the club’s social media pages.


Here at WBGC we are all about fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment and treating all members and others outside of the golf club with respect. Healthy debate is welcomed and encouraged but kindness and respect are expected.


The Website and social medial channels should not be used to air grievances or lodge complaints. Please use the official club channels for these purposes. 


Everyone should feel safe. Bullying and intimidation of any sort is not allowed, and degrading comments of any kind will not be tolerated. Be very mindful of the language you are using at all times.


Remember WBGC is a large club with members of all ages and backgrounds, so with that in mind please refrain from swearing, using derogatory language of any kind and discussing inappropriate subjects.


There is a small group of admins that monitor the website and social media channels, if you see a post that you are not happy with then please flag or report it. We will remove any content deemed to be inappropriate in any way.


Aim to give more to the group than you take, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed but promotion of relevant events and services is fine.

Reporting Breaches:

This Code of Conduct is not intended to create a bureaucratic, regulatory environment, but rather to promote and enhance the values of WBGC. Any person who feels there has been a breach in this Code of Conduct should report the breach directly to the General Manager for further investigation by the Disciplinary Secretary.


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