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Course Maintenance Week

It’s here, the week all golfers dread, maintenance week. We can’t stress enough how important this work is for the long term health of your course.

As always we strive to complete our work as quickly but effectively as possible.

All greens will be deep spiked down to 10 inches with 12mm thick tines, greens will then be top dressed and brushed into the holes, we will then go back over the greens with a 4 inch 10mm tine, top dressing more and then overseed with a Bent grass species.

The newer greens (6 through 9) will be hollow cored with a 13mm tine to help remove a layer of excess thatch that has been brought about from the turf used when the greens were constructed. We plan to leave these 4 greens out of play for as long as we can this week.

Once work is complete on the greens we will be pushing more holes into the surrounds and then we will core teeing surfaces. Again top dressing will be applied and seed spread across all surfaces.

Temporary holes will be in play while work is carried out, these holes may be placed on a surround on the fairway depending upon the hole. The 3rd hole will be closed until works is complete on this hole.

Once again we thank you for your patience during this time.

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Bit confused, does this mean that all greens could be out of play or just a few at a time, with the exception of 6 through 9 that a likely to be out of action all week? Regards  David Billham 

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Hi David, it all depends on how fast we get through them, there is a good chance the majority bill be out of play today (Monday)

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