Course Conditions

Temporary Hole Closures

From today (18/10/2021) we will see a contractor come on site to deep aerate our fairways.

Due to the slow process of this task, we will need to close a hole at a time in order to safely carry out the work.

A sign will be placed on the tee of the hole that is closed. Please proceed to the next hole.

This task should take approximately 5 days to complete.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Course Conditions

Course Open ⛳️

After a dramatic change in the weather despite the forecast, we have decided to reopen the course for the remainder of the day.

So far today we have received 24mm of rainfall, bunkers are washed out and flooded therefore they will be treated as GUR until the greens team can get them back to playing standard tomorrow morning.

Please remain cautious as you play, all slopes are slippy under foot and certain paths have also washed out creating small crevasses.

Take care

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Course Conditions


Unfortunately the decision has been made to close the course today (05/10/21).

Due to heavy rainfall in a short space of time, the course is becoming flooded in certain areas and with the forecast set to rain all day there is no chance of the situation changing.

Course Conditions

5th path reconstruction

From this morning (Monday October 4th) the path from the 5th tee to the 5th fairway will be closed for reconstruction.

We ask all golfers to take the route around the back of the 4th and 14th greens, down the 15th path and then under the large foot bridge and up the hill to the 5th fairway.

Please remain cautious of players playing the 15th at all times.

We expect the reconstruction of the pathway to take no less than a few days.

We thank everyone for their patience during this time.

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Course review by Darren Fletcher Golf

“The course is brilliant, the fairways are undulating with a lot of variation hole to hole, a lot of elevation to navigate, sloping fairways, raised greens, bling tee shots etc. It really is a very fun course to play. One stand out feature of Whitley Bay has to be the greens, they were in excellent condition despite some recent downpours. The fairways are on the whole fairly forgiving, but tight OB, a winding ravine comes into play on many holes and with the course sitting so close to the coast you are often battling against the brisk winds coming in from the North Sea.” Read the full review by clicking on the link below:

Course Conditions

Greens 6 to 9

Greens 6 to 9 are now back in play.

Please be aware that these greens are still far from perfect, and recovery is still well under way.

Slower pace in places and bobbly ball roll will be obvious across these 4, this will improve over the next few days.

The weather is looking good in terms of temperatures so recovery will improve quickly.

Course Conditions

Post Greens Maintenance Update

Today the greens were hand cut at 5mm and looking great considering it is 2 days since we finished maintenance. All holes have been changed ready for the weekend.

Unfortunately, it has been decided to keep greens 6 through 9 out of play this weekend until Monday, in order to give these greens a prolonged rest to aid recovery. We hope everyone is understanding of this decision, it will definitely help improve the surface of said greens.

We have cut temporary greens for these 4 holes, naturally they are not great for putting on due to being on the fairways. This is just a short term issue until the greens are reinstated on Monday.

We hope everyone has a great weekend.

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It’s hard to believe we’ve had more rain this year than last year…

This drone image of our golf course taken earlier this week shows the massive impact the dry summer has had on our course. It would be fair to describe our course as being somewhat “parched” or “as dry as a bone” at the minute:

Compare this to a similar drone image of our course towards the end of summer last year, the difference is incredible:

The simple reason for this is rainfall or lack of it. This year, between the 1st June and the end of August we’ve only seen 142mm of rainfall vs. 249mm over the same period last year. (and through September to date we’ve hardly seen any significant rainfall and the forecast for the next week is clear as well!)

However, the dry and warm summer followed on from the exact opposite at the start of this year when between 1st January and the end of March we saw 243mm of rain this year vs. 144mm over the same period last year. At times our course, and the whole of North Tyneside, felt like it was was sinking:

We also witnessed freak weather conditions during April and May with 96mm of rain this year vs. 22mm of rain last year. With the added bonus of April’s average monthly minimum temperature reaching only 0.7 degrees vs. a seasonal average of 4.4 degrees. Oh, and not forgetting the snow on May 6th that cancelled the Seniors Open :

It’s been quite a year. Fingers and everything else crossed that the weather returns to some sense of normality (whatever normality is against a backdrop of climate change) for the remainder of this year and next.

Course Conditions

Maintenance on greens complete

Maintenance on greens is now complete and all greens (with exception of 6 through 9) are back in play.

As stated, we will leave greens 6 through 9 on temporary as long as possible to aid recovery.

Work has started and will continue for the rest of this week on tees, we are verti draining down to 6 inches, top dressing them then going over the top with 13mm tines down to 4.5 inches to work the dressing in, followed by a final brush.

Once again we thank everyone for their patience during this time.

We are working on a small video to showcase some of the work that has been carried out since Monday.

The Greens Team